CBD Relief Oil 600mg


Cannassentials Relief is an organic broad spectrum CBD oil, formulated to promote healing and overall wellness. Using pharmaceutical grade extract, sourced from the biggest farms in the world to ensure consistency and quality in every bottle, bringing you a powerful healthy all natural supplement to promote a healthier lifestyle. We selected the terpenes that have been known to be anti-inflammatory in nature and reintroduced them into the formulation alongside the CBD as the main active ingredient to give a very potent pain management alternative to mainstream medicine, that can be quite taxing on your liver and kidneys when used for long periods of time, while replenishing the body’s endocannabinoid system through promoting homeostasis and regulating a wide range of functions including motor skills, mood, appetite and sleep.

Benefits may include:
 Assist in managing Anxiety and Stress
 General pain relief caused by nerve, bone and muscle pain.
 Reduction in Inflammation of joints, muscles and tendons
 Arthritic joint pain relief
 Improved repertory function
 Improved blood circulation
 Relief from muscle spasms including gastrointestinal related issues
 Regulated digestive function
 Homeostasis
 Reduction in severe pain and nausea from Chemo
 Stimulates appetite

Active ingredients:
(Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil from sustainably-sourced palm kernels & coconuts CBD Broad Spectrum



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This product is to be used as an aid, and not to replace medication prescribed by a medical practitioner.

“This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”


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